Supporting the Whole Community

Saving Families, Saving Lives, Making our Community Whole

MHA does more than support the thousands of individuals who seek out our services each year with life saving programs and services including:

24-Hour Call Center offers information and referral, support and crisis intervention; entry point for mobile crisis and walk-in services.

Walk-in Behavioral Health provides free, immediate, face -to-face support for anyone experiencing a non-life-threatening emotional, mental, family or relationship crisis.

Counseling Services offers therapy on a on a sliding fee basis. Our therapists provide services in a confidential, supportive environment that enhances the dignity and potential of our clients including young children, older adults, individuals, couples and families.

Telephone Reassurance provides a regular phone call, a caring listener and a friendly connection for Frederick County Senior Citizens.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group offers for adults who have lost loved ones to suicide.

We also provide mental health education, and advocacy on a community wide level, raising awareness of the importance of mental health—and of mental health services. Those opportunities include:

Mental Health First Aid



Annual Legislative Breakfast

Guide to Mental Health and Community Services

Find a Mental Health Professional or Practice in Our Community

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