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Why Give? 


Mental health matters.

Nothing else does more to shape the course of our lives. From our earliest memories to our most difficult moments, our mental health is our ability to connect with others, face our challenges and pursue our passions – to become the people we want to be.

Mental health is about all of us.

Because healthy people with healthy minds are the foundation of a strong community – our homes, schools, neighborhoods and businesses. That means mental health doesn’t just affect everyone – it connects everyone and builds up the community we share.

What difference will my donation make?

MHA supports families, saves lives, and makes our community whole. We’re here for everyone. Regardless of age or circumstances, our programs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Preparing resilient children: We work with parents, educators and childcare providers to develop physically and emotionally strong children.
  • Securing Vulnerable Families: We ensure safe environments and supportive relationships for children in troubled family situations.
  • Facing crises together: From suicide to abuse, we make sure no one has to face their most difficult moments alone.
  • Supporting our whole community: Through education and advocacy, we promote mental health awareness and services.

Supporting the Mental Health Association supports us all. 

Our programs make healthy lives and a strong community possible. They support our community – our families, friends, neighbors, and businesses. And all of our support depends on your support. Click here to learn about ways to give.

The Mental Health Association has earned the Guidestar® Gold Star Exchange Seal demonstrating our commitment to transparency. You can view our 990s and Financial Statements as well as Annual Reports.


Your donation makes all the difference. Join MHA in building a community where children can grow and thrive without fear, where good mental health is valued, where people of all ages know when and how to seek help for emotional or family problems without shame, and where everyone will have access to mental health services without barriers.

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