How We Help

Mental Health Matters—Nothing else does more to shape the course of our lives.

As individuals, our mental health influences all of our perceptions, experiences and relationships. As a community our collective mental health forms the foundations of our homes, schools, neighborhoods and businesses. It doesn’t just affect everyone – ultimately it connects everyone and helps us build up the community we share.

MHA is saving families, saving lives and makes our community whole. We are here for everyone. Regardless of age or circumstances, MHA is available 24-hours a day, every day of the year.


Preparing Resilient Children

We work with parents, educators and childcare providers to develop physically and emotionally strong children.

Securing Vulnerable Families

We ensure safe environments and supportive relationships for children in troubled family situations.

Facing Crises Together

From suicide to abuse, we make sure no one has to face their most difficult moments alone.

Supporting Our Whole Community

Through education and advocacy, we promote mental health awareness and services for the benefit of the community we share.



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