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Think about mental health…what comes to mind?

What many people imagine is not mental health – it’s mental illness. Depression and disorders. The extremes. Above all, people tend to imagine someone else. Somewhere else. Someone different.

But these initial impressions only tell part of the story, and it’s time to rethink mental health. Because mental health matters – for all of us. Mental health is more than our struggles, it is our ability to realize our capabilities. To connect with others. To build strong relationships and achieve our goals.

“Mental Health Matters to Me” is one of MHA’s most important initiatives with three clear goals:

Building Awareness in an effort to break down the stereotypes and stigmas that stand in the way of so many who need and seek help.

Engaging Individuals, Organizations, Business and Government Agencies in MHA’s efforts to build a strong foundation of emotional wellness for our whole community.

Securing long term sustainability for an organization that is at the heart of a healthy community.

Here are ways that you can stand up and say “Mental Health Matters to Me!”


Your donation makes all the difference. Join MHA in building a community where children can grow and thrive without fear, where good mental health is valued, where people of all ages know when and how to seek help for emotional or family problems without shame, and where everyone will have access to mental health services without barriers.

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