About MHA

Our Mission

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County builds a strong foundation of emotional wellness for our community by preparing resilient children, securing vulnerable families and standing with people to facing crises together.

Our Vision

At MHA, we envision a future where children can grow and thrive without fear, where good mental health is valued, where people of all ages know when and how to seek help for emotional or family problems without shame, and where everyone will have access to the services they need without barriers.

Our History

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County has served the community as a private, non-profit organization since 1965. A leader in providing services that respond to the changing mental health needs of our community, MHA is the place where people from our community receive support.

MHA began by offering information and referral services, public education, and advocacy about issues related to mental health and mental illness on a part-time basis. In 1985, the call center began operations in response to the need for youth to have access support and information on various mental health issues. In 1987, as the need for affordable and quality child care services increased, MHA formed Frederick’s only child care resource agency. In 1994, MHA assumed operating Counseling Services, which had been in the community but was struggling financially. In 2002, MHA added supervised visitation, monitored transfers, and Court Appointed Special Advocates. In 2007, MHA added Systems Navigation, and in 2009, MHA added an intensive home visiting program that supports at-risk first time parents and helps to prevent child abuse. Just last year, our newest program, walk-in behavioral health services started.

As our 50-year history illustrates, MHA is dedicated to serving the most vulnerable of our population. By providing a comprehensive array of services, we have successfully built a strong foundation of mental wellness for adults, children, and families and achieved positive results.



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