United Way of Frederick County to Distribute $180,000 Annually in Long-Term Grants to Local Organizations

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United Way of Frederick County to Distribute $180,000 Annually
in Long-Term Grants to Local Organizations

Through the Community Impact Partner Grant Program, United Way of Frederick County announces $180,000 annually in grants to local organizations for three years.

Frederick, Md. (June 6, 2018) —United Way of Frederick County (UWFC), through its largest grant making program, Community Impact Partner Grants, will distribute $180,000 annually for three years of funding to support the programs of local organizations that have beneficial intersecting outcomes in UWFC’s focus areas of health, education, and financial stability. The grants, listed below, will be a tremendous help to those organizations that seek to make Frederick County a better place to live.

United Way of Frederick County’s Community Impact Partner Grants are designed to identify and support programs to achieve intersecting outcomes in our three focus areas of education, health, and financial stability for ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, and Employed) and impoverished families in Frederick County. ALICE and impoverished families make up one third of Frederick County households, struggling to afford basic human necessities such as food, transportation, and housing. United Way of Frederick County is committed to improving the lives of these families by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.

“The Community Impact Partner Grant program is our largest tool to direct investments towards lasting long term solutions,” said Malcolm Furgol, Director of Community Impact for United Way of Frederick County, “and with a focus on our Community Impact Strategy Map, we are committed to highlighting and promoting those programs that best align with our priority focus areas.”

Advocates for Homeless Families will be receiving $25,000 annually to support education and financial stability for homeless families. Their goal is to reduce the number of homeless families with a decreased reliance on public support. This includes safe, reliable transportation, as well as stable housing, continuing education, eliminating health disparities, school readiness, and trauma prevention/treatment.

The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick’s “Early Learning for Sustained Success” project will be receiving $30,000 to decrease toxic stress in families, provide quality early learning programs for children from birth to four years old, as well as reading enrichment for K-2nd graders resulting in an increased number of children in public housing communities equipped to succeed in Kindergarten, with proficient reading skills by the third grade.

The Literacy Council of Frederick County will be continuing their work to improve the literacy and financial stability of struggling Frederick County households over the next three years with a grant of $14,000, which will enable them to help families develop literacy and English language skills that will allow parents of young children to be partners in their child’s early development and school readiness. The program will also work to improve employment opportunities for these families for lasting financial stability.

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County will be receiving $28,000 annually for their crisis services, which will aim to improve the mental health of county residents and increase their connection to needed services. Their goal is to improve behavioral health, and to prepare individuals for careers.

The Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Needs in collaboration with Monocacy Health Partners designated dental care for homeless and low-income citizens as the project they most needed funded, with $33,000 granted to them through the Community Impact Partner Grants program. The organizations aim to provide all eligible clients/households with affordable, high-quality, emergency and preventative dental care, as well as preventative education.

The Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland will be using their $20,000 grant to hire a new Community Liaison for Frederick County who will work to connect Frederick County residents with their services. The Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland will be working to make sure their clients are free from abusive situations, have access to preventative, immediate, follow-up health care via education, as well as access to awareness programs and connections to direct services. Clients of the Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland will increase their financial stability via job search and application services.

SHIP, the Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership, will be receiving $30,000 for their New Horizons program, which helps homeless youth complete a Frederick County Public Schools education, and not only attain the skills to succeed but also maintain the skills, resources, and self-confidence to transition to a productive next stage of life.

For more information about the Community Impact Grants program, visit Unitedwayfrederick.org/CommunityImpactGrants. For questions regarding the program, contact Malcolm Furgol at mfurgol@uwfrederick.org or 240-578-4007.

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For over 80 years, United Way of Frederick County has been fighting to achieve lasting change by identifying the ALICE (Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) and impoverished families in Frederick County and working to strengthen their education, financial stability, and health to build a strong, viable community. Our work focuses on helping children and youth be successful in school and achieve their potential through education; helping people obtain the tools they need to become financially stable and independent; and ensuring our neighbors in need have access to healthy, nutritious food and healthcare.

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