The Mental Health Association of Frederick County Announces New Board Members

MHA Board Members

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County

Announces New Board Members

FREDERICK, MD, June 8, 2018 – The Mental Health Association of Frederick County’s (MHA) Board of Directors recently appointed six new board members: Cindy Ash, Ann Hammond, Dr. Ashley Russell, Lonnie Ropp, Daniel Severn and Timothy Wolfe, Ph.D.

According to Shannon Aleshire, CEO of the Mental Health Association, “Each new member was chosen for their expertise in their respective field, their desire to serve their community, and because of their passion for mental health. Along with their fellow Board members, they play a critical role in the strategic direction of MHA’s programs and services.

The new members explain why mental matters to them:

Ann Hammond, Supervisor of Psychological Services and School Therapists with Frederick County Public Schools, believes that, “Good mental health is necessary for a person to function to her full potential.  From my experience working in the school system, I see students struggling to learn, regulate their behavior, and develop and maintain good relationships with others because of mental illness.  Many students aren’t available to learn when they come to school because they lack good mental health.  Without good treatment, a negative cycle begins which can result in poor school outcomes and poor adult outcomes.”

Lonnie Ropp, Director of Product Management and Underwriting at NASW Assurance Services, says, “In our small and vibrant community, when one is going through a hurtful time, we all hurt for them.  MHA offers Frederick effective, immediate, affordable and accessible mental health resources.”

Dr. Ashley Russell, founder of the Frederick Natural Health Center, intimately understands the effects of mental health on the body. “As a doctor who treats the whole person, I have found it is critical to consider mental health as an integral part of overall health, “ she says. “By talking more about it, I hope we continue to de-stigmatize mental health concerns so people can get the support they need.”

Daniel Severn, Director of Development with St. John Properties, Inc. echoes that sentiment. “Mental health impacts every single person in this world.  While many things change, it’s one of the few constant points of connections between people. Now more than ever, we can look to mental wellness to unite our community.”

Dr. Tim Wolfe, Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Mount St. Mary’s University sums up why mental health matters– “Since we all possess a body, a mind, and a spirit, we must attend to and nurture the health of all of these aspects of ourselves to achieve wellbeing. Recognizing this, it follows that we must take our mental health just as seriously as we take our physical and spiritual health. I am honored to be a new board member and promise to use my experiences and energy to promote mental health in our community.”

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The Mental Health Association of Frederick County has served the community as a private, non-profit organization since 1965. MHA strives to build a strong foundation of emotional wellness for our whole community by preparing resilient children, securing vulnerable families and standing with people to face crises together. For additional information, please visit or call 301-663-0011.