MHA’s Commitment to Social Justice


MHA has felt an urgent need to speak out about recent events that have shone a spotlight on the racial inequities in our nation, but we pushed the pause button.  Why? As an organization, our Board of Directors wanted to take the time to examine this important issue and make sure that all voices were heard and respectfully considered. Our outcome is a stronger statement on the important issues of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Mental Health Association of Frederick County (MHA) wants to express our support for people of color in our community and across our nation, especially our friends in the Black community. We share the continued pain and anger at the murder of George Floyd, and the inexcusable losses of so many other Black lives.

For far too long, too many Americans have been silent bystanders. Whether out of ignorance, indifference, or fear, too many Americans have failed to take seriously the concerns and complaints of people of color. Now, in the context of growing protests, more Americans are finally paying attention.

In this time of national reckoning, we know we must do more as an organization to recognize MHA’s responsibility to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. MHA’s Board of Directors and staff are engaged in ongoing personal reflection and organizational self-examination to root out our own biases and failings. MHA will continue to support a culture that encourages open dialogue and promotes mutual respect and trust.

We recognize intersectionality between racism, trauma, and mental health and devote our energy and expertise to advancing plans for much needed reform. MHA is committed to improving and increasing its advocacy for meaningful social change and racial justice. Loudly and proudly we stand in solidarity with communities of color.


Shannon Aleshire
Chief Executive Officer
Mental Health Association of Frederick County