LOCATE: Child Care-a free child care referral service for families looking for child care

LOCATE: Child Care offers personalized assistance by telephone Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can also access a web-based version of the search database anytime. To reach LOCATE: Child Care, call 1-877-261-0060 or follow one of the links below.


The LOCATE: Child Care service and the search for afterschool programs are provided by Maryland Family Network.  The following links will direct you to an external site.

LOCATE: Child Care

LOCATE: Child Care Search for Regulated Child Care

If you have a complaint regarding a child care program or provider, please contact your local Office of Child Care at 301-696-9766 (Frederick) or 410-549-6489 (Carroll), or call Child Care Choices at 301-662-4549. For a copy of the LOCATE: Child Care Complaint Policy, please click here.

Providers and Educators

Promote your business through LOCATE: Child Care by making sure that your information is accurate and complete.  The following links will take to to the Maryland Family Network’s site where you can complete a questionnaire online.

LOCATE: Child Care Provider Update



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