Businesses and Community Partners

Our mental health empowers us to connect with others.

To pursue our passions and face the challenges that strike us at our core. To become the people we want to be: good friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors. Ultimately, mental health empowers us to build up the community we share. Strong homes, schools, neighborhoods and businesses all depend on healthy people with healthy minds. And when one of us grows stronger, we all benefit. MHA is here for you!


Click the links below for resources that will help you take care of your employees so that they can take care of your business:

24 Hour Call Center offers information and referral, support and crisis intervention; entry point for mobile crisis and walk-in services.

Walk in Behavioral Health provides free, immediate, face-to-face support for anyone experiencing a non-life-threatening emotional, mental, family or relationship crisis.

Community Education and Training  Mental Health First Aid is an 8-hour course which trains individuals to help someone who is experiencing a mental health problem of crisis. Suicide Prevention/Intervention training helps people learn to be suicide alert and to intervene when someone has thoughts of suicide. Classes can be offered on-site at your work location or in the training room at MHA.


MHA builds a strong foundation of emotional wellness for the entire region we call home and our work depends on the philanthropic support of our whole community. Learn more about opportunities for your businesses to support and affiliate with MHA through sponsorships, grants and employee giving.


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