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You can transfer publicly traded stock to MHA in one of two ways:

Broker Transfer

For information on how to make a gift of stock, please contact Danielle Getts, Finance Manager, at dgetts@fcmha.org.

Mailing or Hand Delivering Stock Certificates

Mail or hand deliver your unsigned stock certificate(s) to MHA accompanied by a letter of intention (see sample below), signed by ALL registered stock holders and a signed stock power, signed by ALL registered stock holders. A stock power can be obtained from any brokerage firm. Signature guarantees on the letter or the stock power are not necessary. To ensure safe delivery, we recommend you send your stock certificates by either priority mail or registered return receipt mail. You may also wish to send your signed stock power in a separate envelope. Please notify MHA 301-663-0011 so we can watch for the safe arrival of your certificate(s).

Sample Letter of Intention:


To: Donations
Mental Health Association of Frederick County
226 South Jefferson Street
Frederick, MD  21701

Enclosed are ____ shares of ____ Corporation, Certificate # ____ .  I wish to transfer them to the Mental Health Association of Frederick County.

Date of Transfer

The date the stock transfers into the MHA account is the date you will be credited with making the gift. The value of the stock gift, for tax purposes, is the mean value of the stock on the day of transfer (average of the high and low value for the stock on that day). Your official value for tax purposes may be different from the proceeds realized by the Mental Health Association from the sale of the securities.


We will acknowledge receipt of your gift in writing, stating the date the gift was received and the amount of the gift, as soon as we receive notice that the stock has been transferred into the Mental Health Association account or as soon as we have received a signed stock certificate and stock power.

Any financial information received by the Mental Health Association is held in strict confidence.


Your donation makes all the difference. Join MHA in building a community where children can grow and thrive without fear, where good mental health is valued, where people of all ages know when and how to seek help for emotional or family problems without shame, and where everyone will have access to mental health services without barriers.

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