MHA Staff

Our Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Shannon Aleshire, 301-695-1630

Chief Financial Officer
Alaina Strasburg, 301-663-9096

Director of Human Resources and Administration
Amy Thompson, 301-698-4975

Director of Development and Marketing    

Community Support Services Director
Suzi Borg, 301-663-0011 x122

Family Support Services Director
Barbara May, 301-695-5769

Clinical Director
Ellie Bentz, 301-663-6135

Child Care Choices Program Director
Patty Morison, 301-662-4549 x111


Our Staff

Christie Berkey, 301-662-4549 x112
Child Care Choices Training/Technical Support Coordinator

Nancy Barry, 410-751-2917
Child Care Choices Technical Assistance Specialist

Erika Bishop, 301-663-0011 x130
Healthy Families Family Support Worker

Aurianna Dixon, 301-663-0011 / 301-662-4549 x113
Receptionist/Administrative Assistant for Child Care Choices

Alyssa Castellano, 301-663-6135 x202
Counseling Services Therapist   

Ivy Coleman, 301-663-0011 x124
Officer Manager

Cathie Deadrick, 301-663-0011 x162
CASA Case Supervisor   

Rick Deise, 301-663-6135 x151
Counseling Services Therapist

Doris Delsalto, 301-663-6183 x156
Healthy Families Family Support Worker

Barbara Diaz, 410-840-2495
Voices For Children CASA Case Supervisor

Dr. Lynn Feldman, 301-663-6135 x201
Medical Director

Carissa Ferguson, 301-663-6135 x255
Counseling Services Therapist

Jennifer Fuss, 301-663-0011 x118
CASA Program Manager  

Chris Gallagher, 301-663-6183 x175
Healthy Families Family Support Worker   

Mary Graham, 301-663-0011 x256
Theraputic Supervised Visitation/Counseling Services

Starling Hathcock, 301-663-0011 x166
Supervised Visitation Site Supervisor/Family Coach 

Ariel Jacobs, 301-663-6135 x136
Counseling Services Therapist

Christy Kehlbeck, 301-663-0011 x160
CASA Case Supervisor

Anne Knill, 301-663-0011 x116
Accounting Assistant 

Bobbie Lebo, 410-840-2495
Voices For Children CASA Case Supervisor

Deborah Lundahl, 301-663-6135 x204
Counseling Services Administrative Assistant

Sarah Martin, 301-662-4549 x117
Child Care Choices Early Childhood Specialist   

Caroline Mazzocchi, 301-663-0011 x121
Call Center Quality Assurance and Statistical Analysis  

Hollie Mercier, 301-663-0011 x126
CASA Case Supervisor

Larissa Metzger, 301-663-6183 x158
Healthy Families Family Assessment Worker

OPEN, 301-663-0011 x127
Walk-in Behavioral Health Program Manager   

Charity Mitchell 301-663-0011 x161
Systems Navigator

Linda Myers, 301-663-0011 x120
Telephone Reassurance & Call Center Training Program Coordinator

Stephanie Perez Portillo, 301-662-4549 x165
Child Care Choices Early Childhood Specialist  

Kendall Riegert, 410-751-2917
Child Care Choices Carroll County Coordinator

Mel Rogers, 301-663-0011 x147
Family Services Program Manager

Cathy Russell, 301-663-0011 x154
Family Coach

Robyn Sheppard, 301-663-6183 x128
Healthy Families Program Manager

Myra Spencer, 301-663-6183 x164
Healthy Families PIMS Manager/Quality Assurance Specialist   

Michele Stottlemyer, 301-662-4549 x239
Child Care Choices Early Childhood Specialist

Fawn Turner, 410-751-2917
Child Care Choices Early Childhood Specialist   

Aubrey Treese, 240-215-0415
Development Coordinator 

Shannon Wagner, 301-663-0011 x356
Systems Navigator

Julia Webb, 301-663-0011 x140
Resource Manager



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