MHA Staff

Our Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Shannon Aleshire, 301-695-1630

Chief Financial Officer
Alaina Strasburg, 301-663-9096

Director of Human Resources and Administration
Amy Thompson, 301-698-4975

Director of Development and Marketing    
Rebecca Layman, 301-698-4974

Director of Crisis Services Division
Suzi Borg, 301-663-0011 x122

Director of Family Support Services Division 
Adam Schlager, 301-663-0011 x119

Child Care Choices Program Director
Patty Morison, 301-662-4549 x111

Child Care Choices Frederick Office 
Phone: 301-662-4549  
Fax: 301-695-4826
Child Care Choices Carroll County Office 
Phone: 410-751-2917  
Fax: 410-751-6094
Counseling Services Appointments
Phone: 301-663-6135  
Fax: 301-663-5738
Healthy Families Frederick
Phone: 301-663-6183

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