Mental health is important to me because my life was saved by people who decided that I was worth the fight.

Mental health should be recognized as being just as important as our physical health and we should give just as much attention to it too!

My nephew, a brilliant young man, has unfortunately been hampered by mental illness his entire adult life. Fortunately there are organizations that raise money and awareness which has helped  him through trying times.

I have witnessed the devastating effect mental illness has on friends and family of those affected.

Strong mental health brings a community together with peace and unity. It's so crucial from our families all the way up to the big picture of our nation. So grateful for the work of the Mental Health Association!

Because my family matters to me. Mental health interventions save lives and reduces suffering so people can live fully.

Being diagnosed and with correct medication for depression and anxiety saved my life from suicide. Allows me to be a mom and helps me to cope day to day.

Because everyone deserves a chance at a long, healthy and happy life. XOXO

Life is wonderful - but not all people can experience that without the help of others.

You are more than the mistakes you've made.

Mental health matters because it is a family and community concern that needs more attention.

Mental illness can deprive a person their ability to function in society.

Mental health matters ...Because I've seen it destroy a family when left untreated.

Mental health matters because the stigma keeps it secret.

Mental health matters because my good friends recently lost their son.  He was such a sweetheart and it left a huge hole in everyone's life. :(

Because everyone has struggled at some point and it's ok to ask for help!

Because if these resources had been available, my cousin may still be alive. In memory of Chris Gauce and Autumn Klein.

For our 12 year old son :)

Because I have lost family members to mental illness.

My son suffers from severe anxiety and depression. It is a daily battle for us all.....