Stauffer Funeral Home, 2017 Catoctin Affair Presenting Sponsor

We are beyond grateful to announce that Stauffer Funeral Homes, P.A. are the Presenting Sponsor for the 2017 Catoctin Affair!

We were lucky to have a few minutes of Courtney’s time to chat with her about her business, her connection to mental health and the Stauffer commitment to community.  Here’s what she said:

Please introduce yourself and tell us why mental health matters to you:

I'm Courtney Stauffer with Stauffer Funeral Homes and mental health matters to be because good mental health allows me to be the best wife, the best mother, the best friend, and the best funeral director that I can be to that family in need. 

Stauffer Funeral Homes have been a staple of the Frederick community and beyond for many years. What is the key to becoming a valued service provider within the community?

We have been very blessed by the Frederick County community. We have an amazing staff that is very dedicated to the Stauffer Funeral Homes and the families that we serve. We have a motto that we serve every family as if it's our family! 

How did Stauffers get involved with MHA and the Catoctin Affair?

I had attended the event and knew that when the timing was right in my life that this would be an organization that I would devote my time and heart to. My father completed suicide so mental health is something that touches me on a personal level. 

We appreciate the support that Stauffers has shown us! Can you tell us how our partnership strengthens the community?

Anyway we can give back to the Frederick Community is great. We want to get the word out about MHA and that there are so many great resources here in Frederick and that there is help! George and I live by this quote by Winston Churchill and I actually have a wood sign in my office so I read it numerous times a day, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."