Mental Health Association of Frederick County adds staff psychiatrist

Published in the Frederick News Post, August 17, 2018

With a waiting list reaching weeks, sometimes months out, the Mental Health Association of Frederick County — a private, nonprofit organization that aims to serve the most vulnerable in the community — announced this week it will add a psychiatrist to its staff.

Dr. Lynn Feldman has a specialty in child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as in substance abuse and addiction. She fills a seven-month vacancy in a role that was created just two years ago. Feldman will be the only on-staff psychiatrist, working as part of a team of seven staff therapists and four intern therapists.

“I wanted to come to a place that was involved with the community,” Feldman said. “It’s a very warm, welcoming place for me to come. I want to work on destigmatizing and demystifying what psychiatry and therapy are about for people, to liaison with other physicians and practitioners and to reach out to schools and other community groups.”


Feldman will accept Medicaid, Medicare, and some sliding-scale clients based on family size and income, but private, commercial insurance is not accepted.

Clinical Director Ellie Bentz said the Mental Health Association aims to treat clients with a combination of therapy and psychiatric treatment as needed, but the organization faces a challenging shortage of providers in the area. Speeding up wait times is a priority for the organization.

“There’s obviously an increased need. I don’t know if that increased need is because people are recognizing they need it or because of insurance changes,” Bentz said. “There are a lot of things that feed into why there is an increased need in the area for any mental health treatment, in addition to not having enough providers in general to meet that increased need, it creates a strain on the whole system.”

Feldman completed her general psychiatry residency at Sheppard Pratt Health System in Baltimore. She also completed a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Sheppard Pratt and the University of Maryland and has passed the Addiction Medicine Boards.

“She has lots of experience, so that means she can help a diverse group,” Bentz said. “Those certifications allow her to meet the needs of a wide range of people in the community.”

To make an appointment with Feldman, clients will need to consult with an MHA therapist first. Appointments are being scheduled starting Oct. 6 and can be made by calling 301-663-6135.

For more information, go to or call 301-663-0011.