Strengthening Families Coaching Program

Our new Strengthening Families Coaching Program works to support the bond between parents, care-givers, or other family members impacted by incarceration, and to help strengthen the parent/child relationship. The program is free of cost and has many benefits including:

  • Education on parent-child bonding & communication
  • Education on child development
  • Enriching parenting skills
  • Providing information on the effects of incarceration on the family
  • Strengthening families by clarifying family roles
  • Developing positive supports
  • Supporting positive visiting experiences
  • Empowering individuals

The program offers free access to trained MHA staff members who work with parents weekly to strengthen the parent/child relationship by:

  • Creating parenting goals
  • Developing the skills to grow understanding and trust
  • Improving communication
  • Creating realistic plans of action
  • Sharing successes and challenges

This service is not linked to any DSS or court related programs, and is free for Frederick County Residents. Parent Coaches will work to meet client needs by meeting either in the community, their home, within a detention facility, or at the Mental Health Association.

If you know of a family who might benefit from this program, contact 301.663.0011 x 147 to set up an intake.

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